Meet the Mesudiye Mule!

1 September 2022

To celebrate being back in KCC’s spiritual homeland of the Datça peninsula, we’ve created a variation on the Moscow Mule using ingredients sourced from around the village of Mesudiye, which is on the sun-drenched southern coast of the peninsula.

The Mesudiye Mule

Our take on this classic cocktail uses some staples grown around the peninsula our homemade fig-infused vodka of a pre-pandemic vintage, almond flavoured soda water and green lemons.

Almonds and green lemons – key crops grown on the peninsula

To make a Mesudiye Mule, pour 50 ml of fig vodka into a metal beaker filled with ice (we used a Greek aluminium wine jug as no copper mug was available), add 200 ml almond soda water and the juice of two green lemons. Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve with the freshest almonds you can find – cheers!

Almonds straight from the tree!

To make the fig vodka, wash and quarter 0.5 kilo of figs and put them in a steriised one litre glass jar. Pour vodka to cover the figs, put the lid on and leave in a cool, dark place for a few months before drinking. Here’s our latest batch with peach and plum added.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Mesudiye Mule!

  1. Hello
    I love receiving your updates and ideas.
    I wonder who you are and where exactly you live. I also live in beautiful Mesudiye , near the Avlana mosque. I am the UK and don’t know many English speaking people in the area, are you interested in connecting?
    Best wishes


    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for getting in touch and for the feedback!
      I’m Paul and I have a sumer place in Datça but usually my wife and I live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan but we’re both from the UK originally.
      Just got back to KZ and won’t be back in Turkey until next spring but it’d be great to meet for a Mule at some point!


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