Knidos Cookery Club is a blog that explores the culinary culture around  the point where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea in south-west Turkey.

Written by Paul Bartlett, a writer whose interests span the Turkic world, the blog is inspired by the ancient Greek city of Knidos, the ruins of which can be seen on the tip of the Turkey’s Datça peninsula.

The blog will focus on the amazing array of locally-sourced ingredients used in the region’s kitchens with an emphasis on vegetarian dishes.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello, I have just discovered your blog and love reading your tips etc.
    Do you live in Datca?
    I am from UK , we have built a house in Mesudiye and spend a lot of time here now.
    I know quite a lot about Turkish cuisine as my husband is originally from Izmir. But I am always keen to learn more .
    I have worked in catering in the past but now cook for pleasure. The sea, nature and food of the area are my greatest enjoyments in life.


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